RAG 12 model

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  • Fits into standard 1200 x 600 ceiling grid.
  • Simply replace existing RAG.
  • Suitable for all Fan Coil Units.
  • MERV14 Filtration and sterilization at 50pa Pressure Loss.
  • Low power consumption means it can be connected directly to AC unit controls • Hinged grill allows for easy access to filter for cleaning and servicing.
  • Various spigot sizes available to suit all volumes.
  • Suitable for all units up to 972l/sec.
  • Hanging brackets for simple installation and zero weight on ceiling structure. • Power Consumption: 240V/50AC. • Air Volume up to 330;/sec @ 50Pa
  • Air Volume: MRAG1206-01 up to 472l/sec @50Pa, 7W
  • Diffuser size: 595L x 595 W
    MRAG1206-05 up to 565l/sec @ 50Pa, 10W
  • Plenum size: 700L x 700W x 300H.
    MRAG1206-03 up to 972l/sec @ 50Pa, 13W
  • Spigot size: 250Ø, 300Ø, 350Ø, 400Ø or 450Ø.