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Fourways Group Launches Mobile Air Conditioning Trailer in Gauteng

Fourways Group, an accredited distributor of some of the world’s leading air conditioning and heat pump brands, has announced the launch of its first-ever mobile air conditioning trailer in Gauteng. Fourways supplies a network of over 2 000 accredited aircon installers/dealers, retailers, and Consultant Engineers.

The company has gained a superior position in the market, leading with its commitment to innovation, exceptional customer service and providing clientele with the tools necessary to make their businesses a success. The Fourways mobile trailer is a custom-built, operational ‘showroom on wheels’ that features a variety of Samsung and Alliance air conditioners on display.

The growth towards energy-efficient air conditioners has been tremendous, with market leaders such as Samsung and Alliance Midwall air conditioners fitted in thousands of South African homes and businesses- thanks to the supply from Fourways.

An air conditioner has become an essential appliance in South Africa. Purchasing an air conditioner is perhaps the most popular individual response to climate change but how do you decide which model is best for your household or business? For a consumer, this can sometimes be a challenging feat  with so many different options and brands in the market and often not enough good, quality information out there to make an informed decision. But this is where Fourways is striving to bridge the gap between the aircon installer and consumer by providing product awareness and a hands-on experience making the aircon purchasing decision and process a much simpler one.

The objective is to get installers to assist consumers in making better and more informed decisions in their journey to getting the best air care solutions. It gives consumers an interactive experience whereby they view Samsung and Alliance aircons on display and discover incredible benefits like superior climate control, energy efficiency, trustworthy warranties, artificial intelligence, and control options- all in one room.


The layout of the 4m long mobile showroom trailer interior allows users to physically interact with the products. From midwalls to cassette indoor units, there’s an air care solution on display for every household or business requirement.

Samsung WindFree™ Experience Booth

One of the most unique features of the Fourways trailer is the WindFree™ experience booth which is fitted with the ultra-premium Samsung AR9500 smart inverter WindFree aircon. It allows visitors to step into the new era of airconditioning and indulge in powerful yet gentle cooling or heating with the advanced technology of WindFree.

In WindFree™ Cooling mode, fresh air is gently and silently spread through 23000 micro airholes without any unpleasant direct airflow. This advanced technology uses 77% less energy than Fast Cooling. The WindFree™ AR9500 model features all the bells and whistles such as a PM 1.0 Filter, Motion Detect Sensor, Artificial Intelligence, Digital Inverter Boost, WindFree Good Sleep and Smart Wi-Fi control.

Taking home air conditioning to the next level, the Samsung SmartThings App allows you to monitor the usage of the AR9500 unit, in real-time, thanks to the Wi-Fi compatibility. Who would’ve thought an aircon could detect if there’s no movement and automatically switch to WindFree mode to save more energy and additionally follow you wherever you move?

The WindFree booth allows you to experience the Motion Detect Sensor feature and all the amazing benefits of modern air conditioning with just a remote and your smart phone in hand.

Alliance and Samsung Midwalls & CAC Line-Up

Looking up to the ceiling of the trailer, you’ll notice three types of ceiling cassette aircons: Alliance 4-Way, Samsung WindFree™ 4-Way and the circular 360 Cassette. The Midwall line-up includes the much-loved Alliance Pro Inverter with a sleek mirror finish, Alliance Aqua Inverter, Samsung AR4500 and WindFree AR6500 inverter models.

“The launch of our mobile air-conditioning trailer is a significant milestone for Fourways Group,” said the company’s CEO, Richard Perry. “We are excited to bring our products to life in a way that allows customers to experience them first-hand. This showroom on wheels provides us witha unique and interactive way for aircon dealers to engage with customers and demonstrate our commitment to quality and customer service.”


The trailer made its official and long-awaited debut in October 2022 at the CESA Golf Day for Consultant Engineers and has since been seen at various events and activations across the region. The CESA activation received many compliments and praises, giving Fourways unprecedented recognition within the field of expert engineers.

Fourways-accredited aircon dealers and retailers who have been successfully using this unique concept for their own sales and marketing activities in Gauteng have reported positive consumer engagement and it has shown to be a great way for those installers that don’t have physical showrooms to minimise their business costs to be able to effectively interact with potential clients. The showroom is still touring Gauteng, providing customers, contractors, and retailers across Gauteng an opportunity for a hands-on experience with Samsung and Alliance’s latest residential and commercial air conditioning technologies.

As Fourways Group continues to expand its reach and provide exceptional service to its customers and dealers, the launch of the mobile air conditioning showroom is just one example of the company’s dedication to innovation and engagement. Whether at events, activations or in their showrooms, they are committed to providing a unique and interactive experience.

For more information about Fourways Group and its range of air care products, visit their website at https://fourwaysgroup.co.za/