Earn fourbucks rewards on your orders

Accumulated Fourbucks can be redeemed to buy any available products on Fourways Online, our multi-brand eCommerce store, or products, spares, and one-stop items on the Fourways Group dealer portal. Fourbucks are transferrable from business to person so dealers are also able to send fourbucks to employees or customers as gifts or incentives.


How to start earning rewards with Fourways fourbucks

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I earn fourbucks?

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Fourbucks are earned by purchasing select products from Fourways Group that offer Fourbucks earnings with purchases and based on a variety of qualifying criteria such as turnover scores, customer reviews, quality of installations, annual growth, to name a few.

How do I spend my fourbucks?

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Log in to your account on Head on over to the fourways dealer portal where you can select to spend fourbucks within the fourways dealer portal or the fourwaysonline store. Select the amount of Fourbucks to be redeemed on checkout when making payment of your order.

How to see my fourbucks total?

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Log in to the Fourways Dealer Portal and check your Rewards dashboard.

What can I use fourbucks on?

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Any products on the Fourways dealer portal or

How do I sign up for rewards?

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Please visit this page and register to become an installer if you are not already a registered dealer of Fourways Group.

What is our Returns Policy?

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Do my fourbucks expire?

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Currently no they do not expire, however should this change dealers will be notified in writing

What is the fourbucks conversion to Rands (ZAR)?

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1 Fourbuck (Fb) = R1 (South African Rand)

Distributing fourbucks?

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Fourbucks can be transferred to others in your team by logging in to and navigating to Fourbucks under ‘My Account.’

What are the Loyalty Terms and Conditions?

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Read our Terms and Conditions here.