Samsung Digital Variable Multisystem 2

Rebuilt on all new innovations. The ultimate in efficiency and reliability.

-Enhanced energy efficiencies with enlarged heat exchanger and multi-serration fan

-Active AI Technologies to assist in pressure control for better efficiencies

-Durafin™ Ultra – Safeguards the Heat Exchanger from damaging corrosion. The Durafin™ Ultra has an anti-corrosive layer and a hydrophilic layer that protect the Heat Exchanger from rust. Its superb corrosion-resistance was proven in a Salt Spray Test (SST)* of over 2,280 hours.

-Galvanized Iron Steel Plate (GI) – Inhibits the formation of rust on the cabinet with a PE powder coating that is up to 100µm thick, which improves corrosion-resistance by 43%*.

-More powerful performance, less space – 34HP Super Capacity with a Compact Design. It’s the first outdoor unit to offer super capacities of 32HP and 34HP in a single unit. Their compact design saves up to 18% space* and helps reduce the cost and effort of installation.

-Easy troubleshooting with one touch – An On-device Inverter Check™ includes a one-touch button that lets you quickly check for device errors so it’s easy to access without removing the entire front cover.

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