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Capitec Banks

Capitec banks on Samsung

Jai Airconditioning Services keeps Capitec technologically ahead with its aircons!

Recently voted ‘Best Bank in the World’ by Lafferty’s Global Bank Quality Benchmarking Study of banks in 32 countries, Capitec Bank is also making sure it keeps right up to date with technology. Which includes its airconditioning systems.

“Capitec Bank has been a client of ours since 1997,” remarks Dharmesh Morar, managing director of Jai Airconditioning Services. “Currently we are installing Samsung R410A airconditioners not only in new Capitec branches around the country, but also upgrading existing branches to the new gas.”

‘Jai’ = ‘victory’

When questioned where the name ‘Jai’ originated, Dharmesh says it was chosen by a previous partner of his, and is a Hindi word for ‘victory.’ ‘Victorious’ is certainly an apt name for Jai Air, which thanks to Dharmesh’s experience of 29 years in the aircon and refrigeration business now runs 8 teams countrywide, with Capitec Bank being Jai’s premier client. Other banking clients have included First National Bank.

“Doing installations in a new branch is certainly easier than upgrading existing branches,” comments Dharmesh. “Obviously we don’t want to upset the bank’s clients in a working branch, and it’s not just a matter of replacing the indoor and outdoor units. We also replace all the piping involved because R410A operates at a much higher pressure than the old ozone-unfriendly R22 gas, and its lubrication needs are also different.”

Fourways a real partner

One of the reasons that Jai uses Samsung units – apart from their quality – is the back-up he has received from Fourways Airconditioning. “They not only give me units on time, but also the spares when I need them. In fact in the past, they have actually stripped new units to provide out-of-stock spares that I urgently needed. Marlene Strydom, Fourways sales representative, Richard Perry, Managing Director and Denise Nunes Sales Director have really helped me out of tight spots in the past.”

Now Dharmesh’s son, Shay, is also beginning to play a part in building the business, which looks certain to continue growing still further. “Shay’s my partner,’ grins Dharmesh. And with the experience of his dad to guide him and ‘Best in the World’ clients like Capitec, it looks like Jai, Dharmesh and Shay face an exciting future.