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Hazendal Wine Estate

Hazendal wine estate cheers new efficient HVAC system

Stellenbosch, in the Western Cape, is one of South Africa’s oldest towns renowned for fine wine, food, art, vibrant culture, natural beauty and Cape Dutch architecture. Wine takes centre stage in this picturesque town where you will find the Hazendal wine estate, dating back to 1699. This estate was redeveloped and relaunched in 2018 while preserving its deep heritage and also creating a remarkable destination for guests from all over the world.

Throughout the development, a great focus was placed on creating beautifully designed, comfortable, and functional spaces that will enhance the guest experience. With a focus on unique and premium guest experiences, space design and sustainability, Hazendal needed cost-effective and energy-efficient air conditioning systems that will integrate well into their spaces. Thus, Sparq Consulting who was appointed as the mechanical engineers for this project, approached Fourways Group. Fourways Group is the national distributor of all Samsung air conditioners and an expert in the field of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC). Fourways collaborated with one of their top dealers, Airwise Airconditioning & Ventilation to provide the leading air conditioner brand, Samsung, as well as an installation of the highest standard.

A well-rounded Installation

The estate’s main restaurant Babushka deli is operating throughout all seasons and is situated in a heritage building. Hazendal required a solution that will allow for a comfortable temperature in winter and summer and a system that will integrate well into the space with its exposed beams and eclectic interior. Thus, this urban bistro is fitted with 5 of the Samsung 360 Cassettes on a 70kW condenser.

The 360 Cassette is a trail-blazing air conditioner that is widely specified by engineers, architects, and installers not only for its elegance but also for its efficiency. It has an omnidirectional and bladeless outlet that expels cool or warm air across 360 degrees. Its booster fan technology allows this unit to disperse air at much lower angles, so it spreads farther along the ceiling and descends gently. It effectively maintains the temperature, with a deviation of just 0.6℃, throughout the entire room. While indulging in fresh cuisine, guests can enjoy draft-free air conditioning with low noise and disturbance. Samsung’s 360 Cassette is truly a perfect blend of design and even cooling or heating, making it ideal for Babushka.

Stylish and powerful

The estate also features a car showroom, displaying a private collection of rare vintage cars, which required an air conditioning solution that seamlessly integrated into this luxurious space while meeting the performance requirements.

A total of 10 (14 kW) Samsung WindFree™ 4-Way Cassettes connected to a DVM S heat pump outdoor condenser were immaculately installed by Airwise. With design flexibility, comfort, and outstanding performance, the Samsung DVM S air conditioning system was the right solution. The showroom design is befitting for the Samsung WindFree™ Cassettes due to their unique capabilities to deliver long airflow in high ceiling applications.

The client has peace of mind knowing that they have smart controlled, eco-friendly HVAC systems as well as technical back-up- all thanks to Fourways, Airwise and Sparq Consulting

Maintaining the integrity of any historic building is not always easy. Judging from the results, the solution allowed the client, Hazendal to enhance their guests’ experience through temperature-controlled spaces, without compromising on their interior design.