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iStore Queens Hotel V&A

Enhancing iStore’s retail experience with Samsung air conditioning

Creating the ideal retail environment is about more than creating the perfect design, it is about creating the perfect retail experience. Ensuring you have a calm, comfortable and welcoming atmosphere so that shoppers feel comfortable browsing without being distracted by undesirable adverse temperatures means the need for air conditioning in stores to create an inviting space for shoppers, and an enjoyable environment for staff to carry out their duties is no longer a luxury. In June 2020, iStore Queens Hotel V&A, Cape Town opened their flagship store in the city’s spirited and mixed-use district, Dock Road Junction, characterised by cultural landmarks, offices, and the Cape Town harbour. The air conditioning project for the premium Apple reseller was completed by HVAC installer Southern Air Conditioning (Pty) Ltd and SVA Architects, all with the assistance of Fourways Group Cape Town.

Rising to the ‘airccasion’  

The iStore Queens Hotel V&A not only looks impressive but also boasts wide open spaces, training facilities, separate training rooms and an on-site Apple certified repair workshop. There are also product experience lounges, dedicated areas to showcase the whole range of Apple products and accessories and technical support and setup desks.

At 380 sqm, this is the second largest iStore in South Africa and every single design element was taken into consideration. It was important for the store to keep some original features like ceiling beams thought to be from ancient ships, and original raw brick walls from hundreds of years ago, meaning the choice of aircon units even more so to ensure their fit with the magnificent architecture of the building.

With the help of Fourways, Southern Air Conditioning rose to the occasion by selecting and installing the precise Samsung units to fit into this store while considering clean air as the fight with COVID-19 continues.

State of the art air conditioning 

Southern Airconditioning along with Fourways were tasked with installing Samsung DVM S Eco units (Heat Pump and Heat Recovery models) to ensure sufficient heating and cooling for the size of the building. The Samsung DVM S Eco is a Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) outdoor unit which is connected to multiple compatible indoor units. The installation includes numerous Samsung’s units:  360° Cassettes; a 4-Way WindFree™ Inverter Cassette as well as an MSP Duct producing a total cooling & heating capacity of 100kW. Using advanced design systems, Fourways strived to offer SVA the design flexibility to create a customised comfort in the building with less restrictions.

The 17 Samsung 360° Cassettes have an elegant modern design that’s combined with powerful performance and effortless control. The circular design harmoniously blends with the exposed iStore ceiling beams while circulating air so that every corner has the same desired temperature. Its bladeless design allows for air to gently disperse and descend across the room so that customers feel comfortable without the sensation of any direct draft.

The 4-Way WindFree™ Inverter Cassette assists with energy saving and less noise disturbance among other innovative features such as optional motion detect sensors which are an additional add on. Once reaching the chosen temperature the unit automatically switches to WindFree™ mode, when in WindfreeTM mode the outdoor unit consumes up to 55% less electricity compared to normal mode.

The structure of this iStore is large and has wide open spaces hence the addition of the Samsung MSP Duct to deliver much more air over a long distance. Its flexible design and compact size allow for simple and cost-effective installation and maintenance, such as easy removal of the filter to ensure it is sufficiently cleaned to ensure continuous clean air entering the building. Now more than ever, air quality is crucial to businesses and the public hence the chosen air con system by Southern Air to maintain a healthy indoor environment. 

Fourways Group, accredited distributor of leading air conditioning and water heating products

Fourways Group not only provides solutions for all your HVAC needs, but also unparalleled VRF design & technical assistance on an international level. Southern Air Conditioning have completed several large-scale projects in the region, putting them on the map as one of the leading aircon installers in the Western Cape. Fourways is proud to have partnered up with Southern Air and SVA Architects to provide the iStore Queens Hotel V&A with an innovative and beautiful solution to ultimately create an extraordinary retail experience for their customers.