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Lakeview Hospital

Birthed in comfort!

Specifying HVAC for a maternity hospital obviously carries strict requirements. Air quality is of prime importance as is individual temperature control of various areas. Cost-effectiveness and energy-efficiency are also at the forefront of requirements. For a new 4-floor maternity wing at Lakeview Hospital in Boksburg, another prerequisite was that there were to be no outdoor condensers spoiling the aesthetics of the building. Samsung’s DVM S was the system specified by Green Planet Engineering Services, to fully comply with the above requirements. Fourways worked closely with Curries Airconditioning who installed the system. A total of 7 outdoor DVM S units were located out of sight on the roof; total cooling capacity being 292kW (cooling) and 328.8kW (heating). A central Touch Controller was used for overall management by the Head Matron. 67 indoor units, mainly mini 4-way cassettes and slim ducts with HEPA filters, ensured maximum air cleanliness and precise localised temperature control.