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Eden Island Hotel

I visited the new Hotel developments on Eden Island in the Seychelles from 24/06/2014 untill 28/06/2014 to help with the Samsung DVM installations.

The work carried out by Machine and equipment is to a high standard and meets the quality standard required by Samsung. Both pressure tests and system evacuations were preformed correctly and to specification. There are 6 systems, 2 of which are Heat Recovery systems with the balance being Heat Pump.

While I was on site we ran 4 of the systems which were found to be operating within recommended parameters. It was noted that the indoor temperatures responded very slowly when cooling was selected.

I found that the guest card reader switches off the power to the indoor unit when the card is removed leading to an E201 error (IDU – ODU communication error (Tracking failure/IDU quantity setting error)) which causes the whole system to shut down. This issue was discussed with the consulting engineer and the project management team.

Recorded data and photographs were given to a Machine and Equipment representative.